Alternate Text


Alternate Text Requests for Summer I 2018 are due by Monday, May 28.

Alternate Text Requests for Summer II 2018 are due by Thursday, July 5.

The alternate text format accommodation provides students with print-related disabilities access to course materials and textbooks. Some examples of alternate text formats include large print, electronic formats, audio, and braille.

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Locating and/or producing alternate materials takes time. Students are encouraged to submit their alternate text needs to the SSD office as soon as they receive their course schedules.

Alternate Text Requests will be accepted after the due dates, but materials cannot be guaranteed in a timely manner.

CONTACT: for assistance.

About Alternate Text Format

The alternate text format accommodation assists students with print-related disabilities by providing text in alternate formats. Alternate formats include large print, audio, braille, and electronic formats, such as PDFs or Word documents. Often students with this accommodation use electronic files of their textbooks and other course materials with a text to speech component on personal computers, to listen to the reading material.

Successfully using this accommodation can enable students to cut down on their reading time and increase their comprehension. Using the ATF accommodation can enable students to comprehend more information in a shorter time and may lead to greater academic success. (Using text to speech software can become a life-long habit that will increase success, not only in college, but in professional and personal lives after college.)

Assistive Technologies Services Lab - Newman Library

SSD collaborates with the Virginia Tech Assistive Technologies office to provide hardware and software for students with the alternate text accommodation. The Assistive Technologies office manages a lab located on Newman Library’s first floor. Students can receive permission from the SSD office to use this lab. A one-time orientation to the lab (approximately one hour) is required. The AT Lab contact email is